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Powder Trickler Reviews

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Lucien Pouliot said:   August 24, 2012 11:09 am PST
Received my New Auto Trickler. Used IMR 4895 with a set weight of 43.9 gr. It zeroed at 43.9 gr every time. Only problem is that the red on indicator led does not work. Other wizw great tool.

Lynn said:   June 18, 2012 3:32 pm PST
I just received your 2-speed trickler and have tested it on H-335, Varget, RL19 and RL22. All of the results are the same, this trickler is absolutely the best tool in my reloading lab. I had a spot of trouble initially, in that it did not want to work in slow mode. I removed and reinserted batteries and its been fine since. I am an NRA Training Counselor and NRA Certified Instructor in metallic Reloading. I teach both Instructor and student classes in three states. I will definitely be demonstrating this trickler as part of my classes, and of course using the unit in my own reloading. .... thank you for creating such a brilliant, simple and elegant design.

Corey Hansen said:   May 6, 2012 11:09 pm PST
Excellent product - a godsend for those of use who cannot help ourselves and weigh each and every one of our powder charges. The customer service is also second to none, perfect example of how things can be done here in our great country. Thanks.

Mark said:   March 27, 2012 6:37 pm PST
Very good product and well worth the money. Cheers fella pleasure to deal with you.

Belden said:   March 27, 2012 6:35 pm PST
In a word, all I can say, the trickler is awesome. One kernel powder drop at a time is something else. I haven't used it on my beam scale as of yet because I'm having it tuned ...... and I know the combination is going to get me accurate repeatable optimum weight charges, and of course, tighten my groups down range if I do my part.

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