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          Dandy Auto Trickler              **DISCONTINUED**              Dandy 2-Speed Powder Trickler

                                                                                  The Handy View



The Auto Trickler 

The Dandy Auto Trickler is designed to finish the required charge needed to load a cartridge. The initial load is placed in the scale pan from your powder throw or scoop, then finished with the auto function of the auto trickler. This is accomplished by pushing either button. The trickler will start and run till the beam disrupts the light circuit. At this point your trickler functions the same as the original Dandy 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler. If your charge is short, merely tap the black (slow speed) button till you are satisfied with the alignment of scale. (See the videos on the "Operations" tab)


The Dandy 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler is designed

to enhance your ammo reloading experience.  The reloader has more options, with regards to placement of the ammunition reloading equipment on the bench.  The many different features of the Dandy Powder Trickler makes ammunition reloading more enjoyable and not just another tedious chore.  Customers have stated, "It's like playing a video game."

1. The Dandy Powder Trickler helps the reloader produce an accurate powder charge,
producing an accurate round of ammunition.
2. The Dandy Powder Trickler gives the reloader more options in placement of your
ammunition reloading equipment and supplies on your reloading bench.
3. Dandy Products, LLC has developed the Dandy 2-Speed Powder Trickler to 
be "reloader friendly".  The new Dandy Powder Trickler gives the reloader the
to set the scale at eye level, so that you have better visibility of the alignment marks on
your beam scale.
With the 24 inch cord, the Dandy Powder Trickler reduces the chance of dropping
extra grains of powder into your desired load, reducing chance of error.
5. The  sliding adjustable weight enables 1-kernel drop.

See it in action


The Hopper unit on our powder trickler...

1. Holds approximately 1000 grains of powder.

2.     Can be adjusted from 1" to 5 1/2" in height, measured from the center of  
                        the tube, to enable more flexibility with the many different ammunition
                        reloading scales, reloading benches, etc.

3. Is mounted on a stainless steel tower rod with a substantial weighted base
for ease of movement during the ammunition reloading process.  The
desired height and position of the powder trickler's hopper is
maintained with a knurled steel nut, which clamps onto the stainless
steel tower rod. 

4.     Can be positioned at any angle (360 degree rotation), in relation to the powder trickler's base.  Again, allowing you, the reloader, the option of setting your powder trickler at an angle that best suits the positioning of
                        your bench and ammunition reloading equipment.

5. Can be positioned toward the rear of the base for a 6" reach 
from the powder trickler's base.

                6. Is attached to the powder trickler control pad with a 24" cable.  The
cable length can be increased to fit the customer's reloading
requirements, at a nominal, additional fee.

  The Powder Trickler Discharge Tube
1. Is 4-1/4" in length.
2. Is angle cut, for a view of the powder about to be dropped into your 
scale during the ammunition reloading process.

The Adjustable Sliding Weight
1. Mounted on the Discharge Tube
2. Enables the reloader to adjust the speed of the powder flow.

3. Enables 1 kernel at a time to drop, no longer requiring tweezers to move that one kernel.

   The Powder Trickler Control Pad
1. Has 2 switches - slow speed (yellow) & fast speed (red), enabling
you to push the powder through in larger quantities at the beginning 
of the reloading process and smaller quantities toward the end of this
2. Is powered by 2 AA batteries, which are not included as part of the
  Dandy 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler unit.

There are no repair parts on the Dandy 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler.
   If the powder trickler fails to operate, simply return the trickler to Dandy Products, LLC (with seals unbroken), and we will replace the unit.  (See Terms &

 The Handy View is a new item by Dandy Products, created to enable the reloader to view the beam scale alignment marks without bending over in an uncomfortable position.  It is a portable prism that makes it much easier for the reloader to view the tip of the beam scale, when the scale is on the benchtop. (See the instructional video on the Operations page.)  Comes in either "clear" or "yellow".  **DISCONTINUED**

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